Arturo Pidal

Director of Psychosociology

Sociology Degree from the UPNA. A technical HR specialist, he is also accredited and certified as an Advanced Technical Specialist in Occupational Risk Prevention in all its facets: safety, hygiene and ergonomics and psychosociology. He is a training expert with CAP and trainer training qualifications.

He is also an Employment Consultant. As a trainer, he has collaborated on the HR professionalism certificate by teaching the HR management module.

He has more than 12 years of experience working in occupational risk prevention for diverse industries through a business owners’ association. He is also trained as an internal quality auditor and risk prevention auditor. He is a collaborator of BeExemplum and coordinator of Socio-Occupational Environment and Psychosocial Studies.

His strengths include attention to detail and the depth of his studies and proposals in the area that he coordinates.