Esteban J. Larreta

Director of BeExemplum. Head of Project Implementation and Coaching Department

Degree in Sociology. MBA – HR and Executive. Expert in the transformation of business cultures through value-based management. Certified in Cultural Transformation Tools and Models by the ®Barrett Values Centre.

Certified as an Executive Coach, PCC, by the ICF. Holds official coach certification from AECOP Navarra and AECP España. Active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Certified as a Mentor Coach by the ICF. Certified as an International Consultant by Barrett Values Centre. Expert in Cultural Transformation Management Tools. Certified in Team Coaching by the International Coaching Community.

In recent years, he has worked on projects for individual and team leadership and development in multi-national contexts. An enthusiast of research and teaching, he currently combines his work at BeExemplum with that of Assistant Lecturer at diverse business and coaching schools. Before engaging in the free exercise of his profession, he held various HR management positions at consulting firms and in industrial companies. He was also invited by the University of Navarra, as Visiting Lecturer, to speak at the inaugural Master Class of the Master’s in People’s Organization and Management (2011).

Founder of BeExemplum, he directs and coordinates all areas of BeExemplum. Among his virtues is that of surrounding himself with people with whom he shares values and a way of understanding life and business, people who are also genuinely good and highly competent people in their diverse endeavors.