Jorge Burgaleta

Director of Process Implementation and Improvements

Technical Industrial Engineer

Jorge has developed his career in international businesses in various industries, including metallurgy, automotive and export.
He is currently Managing Director of IACTUM SL and specializes in competitive improvement, tailored training for business and professionals, and project management.

Business intelligence implementation expert.

Personal organization expert.

Restructuring of firms in difficulty.

Cost savings and calculation of per-product costs.

Trainer in business matters.

Collaborator and Head of Process Re-engineering and Continuous Improvement at BeExemplum.

He has held top positions both nationally and internationally, including Plant Manager in the Industrial Machining Sector. Industrial Manager. Production Manager, Deputy Management. Head of Continuous Improvement and Strategy.

His virtues include his global vision of the company and a strong commitment to continuous improvement and data-based management. His ability to solve problems, build teams, ensure coherent management, streamline and optimize processes by creating environments where people are motivated and work comfortably are the secret of his fantastic results.